What's Star Trek the movie without some popcorn...

Birthday celebration number two...Star Trek with the parental's (my parent's and Teddy's parents) and dinner with my oldest and dear friend, Lisa, and her family and the parental's. I had a great time and to my surprise, I LOVED Star Trek. At 31, Star Trek didn't bring back the same nostalgic feelings that it did for my parents but it was great to share in their joy and it was a great movie!

But what is a movie without popcorn?

In keeping with the movie themed birthday I decided to make cupcakes that resemble little popcorn bags. I found little Wilton nut cups at Micheal's. I think for 24 it was $1.49 and I used a 40% off coupon which you can't beat. I used a red marker to color the sides of the nut cups and printed the popcorn labels. I baked Vanilla bean cupcakes in regular muffin cups which I transferred into the nut cups and covered them with a thin layer of vanilla butter cream (I used the leftovers from my cake). Several days in advance I cut the top of each mini-marshmallow in a criss cross pattern to get the effect of a kernel. After the cupcakes were frosted, I placed each kernel on top one by one...and finished off the top with lightly brushing lemon yellow-food coloring gel over the tops to give the effect of butter.

They were a hit!


  1. the popcorn kernels are so creative! i love it!

  2. these are incredibly adorable
    I will be stealing this idea sometime soon

  3. Adorable. Why don't I ever do anything like this?



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