Almost Gluten Free Vegan Cupcake

Most people know that I love to bake but few know that I have an allergy to flour, wheat, etc. That's right, I bake and never actually get to taste my sweet treats. I am blessed to have a wonderful BF and plenty of friends who serve as my taste-testers (none of them seem to mind the daunting task).

I received the Babycakes NYC cookbook for my birthday and couldn't have been more excited to get started with my gluten free(GF) baking. I started with the red velvet cupcakes which believe it or not turned out pretty good. Some of my taste testers weren't very keen on the idea at first but after one bite I had them sold. I do have to say that this cupcake isn't exactly gluten free because the recipe calls for whole spelt flour. Some people with wheat allergies can handle spelt but I know for most, the spelt flour just wouldn't make the cut as being GF. Never the less I tasted the cupcake and much to my delight I enjoyed my first two cupcakes since learning of my allergy.

Babycakes Red Velvet Cupcake

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