LAdy Happy HOur

Welcome to my blog of LA's hottest (and best valued) Happy Hour spots. I'm Lady Happy Hour which is where the title of the blog comes from; get it LAdy Happy Hour!?!? So behind every blog is a story and my story happens to be short sweet and simple; I usually spend Thursday nights and Friday nights with my boyfriend. Since we are not engaged yet I still have my lovely apt and I have committed to staying at home Monday's, Tuesday's, and Wednesday's. (Ladies, its my opinion that you don't give away all of the milk if he hasn't bought the cow yet!) Because I don't like going straight home after work I am always asking my roommate, Carlos, what we should do, where should we go and like most young professionals we are always looking for the best deal on food and drinks. So I have decided to keep a record of everywhere we go that merits sharing with you!


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