"Born to Bake" Cake

My birthday is this coming Friday and I must say that I can't believe that I am actually turning another year older. Last year was a big one for me-I did a big shah-bang so this year I decided to keep it low key. I am taking a cooking class at Sur La table with my boyfriend and three other couples. Since its a cooking theme I have decided to make a cake consistent with the theme. I am going to make a vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream filling covered in fondant with a 3D whisk on the top of the cake and fondant cut-outs of forks and a knifes around the cake with a little banner that says "Born to Bake" and my birth date. I have already started working on the whisk...to the right is the actual whisk that I am using as my inspiration and in the center is a salt shaker with gum paste strips draped across the top. Each gum paste strip is speerated with a piece of parchment paper.

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