Tajrish Restaurant, Marina Del Rey, CA

I have had a lot of free time on my hands. I guess having the flu and being confined to my bed for four days will do that to a person. Haven't had a huge appetite until this afternoon when I started craving Persian food. I recently had lunch at my new favorite hidden find, The Ruby Room. Since that lunch I have been craving Persian food. So I am still confined to my bed but really, really hungry and determined to get Persian food. My google search returned ONE Persian restaurant, Tajrish, that met my simple criteria; first being they will deliver to my area and second, reasonable price point. Its a restaurant that I drive by often and have always wondered about their food so this was both my opportunity to give them a try and their opportunity to earn a regular customer. I ordered my favorite Persian combo plate beef koobideh kabab and chicken koobideh kabob with traditional saffron rice. Hold on, that's my food at the door. Time to eat...

Visually the food was picture perfect. Very generous portions, one entree would have been enough for two. Meal came with two pieces of lavash bread and butter. I ate about 1/4 of the meal. The taste wasn't what I was hoping for, it wasn't bad it just wasn't great. The rice was too dry and the meat was so so....not as fresh as I like it. The price was $12.99 plus tax and delivery was free. I will definitely give them one more shot...this meal wasn't my favorite but has potential! Maybe dinner one night next week:-)

Pros: Reasonably priced, generous portions, visually very appetizing
Cons: Rice was too dry, meat was so so

Comment: will give it one more shot!


  1. I seem to have that problem with Persian food around my area. Only one place has gotten it right for me and so I think I'm stickin with them!

  2. Yeah, that was the first thing I actually noticed. The rice looks dry. The meat looks okay though, nice color. But as much as possible I would like my rice a bit more moist.



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