Childhood Favorite: Mackerel Patties & Rice

So its been a very very very very long time since I have posted.  Did I already mention that its been a VERY long time since I have blogged. Well it has and I have missed it. I just finished my first term of graduate school and moved my parents to Los Angeles so I can help care for my mother. LOTS going on to say the leaset I am sitting  on the lanai over-looking the pacific ocean on the island of Maui. It’s been a while since I have blogged but an even longer while since I have taken a vacation. I am taking each day and allowing myself to be at peace with what is-MY LIFE!  Since finishing school and getting settled in Maui I am finding my desire to bake is taking over. Last night I made a batch of strawberry shortcake cookies and a strawberry loaf bread....”mmmm mmmm good” said those at dinner.

Today I am making one of my childhood favorites-Mackerel Patties and Rice! 

Growing up my dad would make these little patties and serve them with rice. Dad would give each of my sisters and I a bowl of rice and then have a plate of patties that we could take from as we wished. Not to long ago I asked my dad for the recipe not knowing just how easy these little treats are to make. 

1 can of mackerel
2 eggs
salt to taste (I use Lawry’s seasoning salt and some garlic salt)
pepper to taste
1-2 Tbl flour

1. Open can of mackerel and let it slide out onto a plate. Gently split the fish down the middle and remove bone. If done carefully the whole bone can be removed in one move. If not, it doesn’t take long to debone and I have read that some people don’t even debone mackerel because the bones are so soft you don’t even notice them once the patties are prepared.

2. In a separate bowl lightly mix the eggs just until the yolk has dissolved into the white of the egg. 

3. Heat frying pan on high with a little bit of vegetable oil.  When ready to insert your patties turn the temperature to medium.

4.Add the deboned mackeral to the egg mix and with a fork mash it really well.

5. Add salt and pepper to taste 

6. Once egg and mackerel are mixed well add 1 Tbl flour. Continue to mix until you can form a patty in your hand. If fish mixture is too runny just add more flour. 

7. Make all the patties and place them on a plate before you start to fry them. Cook them several minutes on each side.

8. Put a paper towel on a plate as lay patties on paper towel as they finish.

9. Make a side of rice  and vahlaa...Dad's mackerel and rice!

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  1. Keep baking, keep bloggin, and most importantly, keep sitting on that lanai in maui!!! Xxoo



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