Here comes the bride...and her cake!

This past Saturday I completed my first wedding cake...I have to say for someone who has never stacked a cake before I did pretty well-THANK YOU EDNA FROM YOUTUBE!

Cake was chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet with traditional buttercream icing.

The torte (which for those of you who were once like me and clueless as to what "to torte" means, it just splitting the cake into its layers) and icing process began on Friday at about 2PM and concluded Saturday morning at 1:30AM. The final touches were completed Saturday between 6AM and 12PM before the 1PM wedding.

I had a few Opps moments during this process. The most memorable was realizing that my bottom tier was 2 inches too short. Industry standard for a wedding cake are a minimum of 4 inch tiers. I had almost two and one eighths with icing in the middle...So in the middle of everything I had to make another 14 inch round chocolate cake.

It all came together including the Monogrammed pearl cake topper that I make minutes before the wedding. All in all it was a success. The bride and groom were so happy which made every minute worth it.

Now all I need is a picture of the actual camera died as soon as I finished stacking the tiers.

Here's one that I took with my phone before the final touches!

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