Happy Birthday Sara!!


It is always a pleasure to make sweet treats for friends and family. This weekend I had the pleasure of baking for two special occasions. First, was Sara's 29th birthday dinner and the second was a bridal/baby shower.
The cat you see in the picture above was on the
evite Sara sent out. I was asked to make the cookies on Tuesday and since the party didn't have a specific theme I was originally going to make three-tierd birthday cake cookies but it just didn't speak to my soul so I slept on it...the next morning at about 5:45AM while I was RSVPing to her dinner I saw the cat and the rest is history. I made my own cookie cutter that morning and the cookies were delivered first thing Friday morning!

I was unable to attend the dinner but late that evening I received the following text message "Thank u so much for the amazing COOKIES!!!!! They were a huge hit!!!! They not only looked incredible but they tasted amazing too!" -Sara

Your welcome Sara-Happy birthday!


  1. WOW Alexis you are getting out of control! Your blog has become a favorite website of mine!!! Keep it coming!! THANK YOU! And yes the cookies are amazing! Just the perfect taste!

  2. Very nice blog. Alexis, you are amazing. I hope Theodore appreciates your creativity. Also, now I have competition and I have to step up my blog. I will read your blog and you read my blog. So, now is my opportunity to plug my blog. Please go to Sunday Softball-Lenny.blogspot.com. This is Lenny saying....keep up the good work.

  3. u are wayy out of my league. You have INCREDIBLE TALENT- i mean patience for your baking is an understatement. I admire your work very much....keep it coming ms fantastic alexis!! cant wait to walk into your bakery shop one day....:)

  4. by lindsay.... woops!



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