Got Kosher?

Got Kosher, anyone? Well if you don't, then you should. Got Kosher isn't your typical kosher restaurant, its a step into Tunisia and embodies the flavors of the owners best childhood memories. First known for his incredible challah, as a connoisseur of challah myself I don't know that I have ever had such a fluffy, melt in your mouth challah before. Imagine Grandma's Challah marrying Rockeninweagon's Pretzel Bread...a pretzel challah in a variety of flavors that will forever change your Shabbat table and Sunday morning French toast. With a variety of flavors from fennel and salt to a Kalamata Olives & Rosemary Pretzel Challah your palate is sure to thank you!

Got Kosher doesn’t stop with Challah, they impressed me with their AMAZING sandwiches. Their best seller is the Assuette Tunisienne which is Tunisian Tuna Plate with Harissa, Mechoula, potato, hard and soft boiled eggs, olives, capers, perpperoncini and perseced lemons. After one bite I felt like I was in Tunisia with all of its rich flavors and savory aromas. I understood exactly why this is their best seller. Its a MUST TRY!!!

Got Kosher is a deli style restaurant allowing you to order at the counter and take home or dine in with friends. They have a few tables inside and several on the sidewalk allowing you to really feel like you have stepped into another world. Got Kosher is located at 8914 West Pico Blvd just west of Robertson.

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  1. Good to know, thanks for the info. I'll definitely give it a try when I'm over there.



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